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The World’s Premier Cattle Health Congress
July 3rd - 8th 2016 Dublin, Ireland

Summer Family Fun in Dublin

 1. Summer Family Fun in Dublin

Finding activities to keep your family entertained over the summer months is never an easy feat, no matter where you live. Thankfully, Ireland boasts a wide range of summer activities that are sure to amuse your tiniest of tots, all the way to your hard-to-please pre-teens. Read about all of the best adventures Ireland has to offer here…


WBC Wild Atlantic way

2. The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is a designated travel route that runs 2,500 km through the sometimes breath taking, and always original West Coast of Ireland, making it the longest coastal driving route in the World. To find out more about ‘The Wild Atlantic Way’ read on…



Top 10 things to do in Dublin

3. Top Ten Things to do in Ireland

While staying in Dublin for the World Buiatrics Congress, there are a lot of things to discover all around this beautiful Island. This list of the top 10 things to do in Ireland will hopefully give you some inspiration as to how to make the most of your stay in Ireland and make this trip unforgettable…


Irish Agriculture blog

4. Three Reasons the Future of Irish Agriculture is Bright

Three reasons the future of Irish Agriculture is Bright and why Ireland is the ideal location for foreign investment. Read more here…



5 reasons to attend wbc

5. Five Reasons to Attend WBC 2016

The XXIX World Buiatrics Congress (WBC) taking place in Dublin, Ireland, from the 3rd-8th July, 2016 at the Convention Centre Dublin is a truly unique cattle health congress. Here are five other reasons why you should attend WBC 2016…



WBC Headers

6. Ireland’s Ancient East

Wander through 5,000 years of history, from Neolithic tombs and castles, to Viking cities and titanic towns. This amazing trip will take you to the very site of classic legends such Chuchulainn and the hound and Fionn MacUmhaill.



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7. TweetUp at the #WBC2016

Yes, TweetUps is a thing, and yes, people do use them all over the world to meet people who they have been talking to online. Arranging a meet-up in one in of Dublin’s hotspots allows groups or pairs to meet-up and see some of what Dublin has to offer simultaneously.

So, where exactly are the most ideal locations for a WBC delegate to stop off for a chat and a drink in the heart of Dublin?



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8. Small Ruminants

While most of the images you’ll see on all the websites and marketing material related to the 2016 World Buiatrics Congress (WBC) will be of cattle, there is a superb educational programme around the area of small ruminants.



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9. Bovine Tuberculosis

Research on Bovine Tuberculosis in Ireland has been carried out recently by schools, centres and organisations across the country.

These include the: Animal & Bioscience Research Department, Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre etc…