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The World’s Premier Cattle Health Congress
July 3rd - 8th 2016 Dublin, Ireland


Mystical, ancient, Celtic Ireland ruled by mythical warlords who once used to raid the shores of Saxonian Wales and Scotland. Where St. Patrick crusaded through the pagan lands, home to Dagda worshipping warriors who’s names we still carry today and who’s building and magic still lay imprinted permanently etched into the DNA  of our long standing country.

Older than the pyramids of Egypt, Newgrange is a stone age phenomenon that is shrouded in mystery and something that has to be seen to be believed. The Book of Kells is so ancient that the pages, of intricate Celtic artwork  looks like it might puff into a coud of dust at any moment.

Ireland is dotted with landscapes, artefacts and folklore that all Iristara_curse_300h people will be familiar with. A drive through the heart of Ireland’s M7 and you will pass right by the meeting places of Kings, ringforts, towers and ‘fairy forts’ that hold ancient curses that no god fearing Irish man would ever dare interfere with.

Finally for the first time all of this is available to visitors in a single package trip, “Ireland’s Ancient East”. First proposed by by Fáilte Ireland, Ireland’s Ancient East is a journey that brings the past to life, a journey in time going back to older and darker ages, even older than the most ancient of civilisations.

Only now have all the wonders of Irelands Ancient East been combined, creating a fusion of mystery and adventure. Wander through 5,000 years of history, from Neolithic tombs and castles, to Viking cities and titanic towns. This amazing trip will take you to the very site of classic legends such Chuchulainn and the hound and Fionn MacUmhaill. Stand tall on the hills of Uisneach, and cast your gaze over cairns, ringforts and the very 30-tonne glacial rock where the Celtic Sun God ‘Lugh’ is said to have been murdered.Clonmacnoise_castle_and_cattle

Central to Ireland’s Ancient East is the Folklore and the people. Irish wisdom is well known, especially in the ancient art of storytelling. When putting this enterprise together, Fáilte Ireland visited the homes of the locals to source all of the dark and spooky tales that may have been lost throughout the ages, giving this trip an authentic feel.

The ingredients are all there to make this one of the biggest attractions in Europe, the floodgates will open and it is a must see when visiting Ireland.Rock-of-Cashel-629x500 The Wild Atlantic Way saw Ireland take off like never before, but Ireland’s Ancient East will see her grounded in her own roots and history. Be sure not to miss out.

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