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The World’s Premier Cattle Health Congress
July 3rd - 8th 2016 Dublin, Ireland

Irish State Veterinary Service Celebrates 150 years 1866 – 2016

In 2016 The Irish State Veterinary Service celebrates the 150th anniversary of its establishment in 1866. The main impetus for the establishment was the devastation caused by Rinderpest (sometimes called ‘cattle plague’) at that time.


The whole island of Ireland may now be regarded as being free from brucellosis following the recent recognition of Northern Ireland’s Official Brucellosis Free (OBF) status. This has been as a result of many years of effort by state veterinarians and private veterinary practitioners.

As one who practiced for years in bovine practice and following a change of career in state veterinary medicine I am looking forward to the programme in Dublin 2016. As there are four parallel sessions the choices will be difficult.

On Monday July 4TH one stream is on Tuberculosis  with Margaret Good as the keynote speaker. The progress of TB eradication has been slow due to the complications of a wildlife reservoir.

patrick wall

Prof. Patrick Wall, UCD

On Tuesday July 5th there is a section on Bovine Welfare with Dan Weary and later on Tuesday there is a stream on Public Health with Prof. Patrick Wall who originally worked as a veterinarian and was chair of the European Food Safety Authority.There is also a stream on Emerging diseases with Simon Carpenter.

On Wednesday the program continues with BVD with Julia Ridpath and later with Epidemiology and surveillance with Simon More and Anti-Microbial Resistance with Theo J.G.M. Lam.

On Thursday choices include National Animal Health Programs [ David Graham],  Paratuberculosis [Michael Collins], Genetics and Breeding –[Jennie Pryce] and Animal Health Economics [Henk Hogeveen]
Other subjects of interest to state veterinarians include:
Education – Peter Constable
Nutrition –
John Roche
Small ruminants –
Neil Sargison
Sustainable Agriculture –
Jude Capper
Therapeutics & Pharmacology –
Virginia Fajt