World Buiatrics Congress 2016 (WBC 2016) Contact WBC 2016
The World’s Premier Cattle Health Congress
July 3rd - 8th 2016 Dublin, Ireland


WBC Scientific Programme

The aim of the 2016 scientific programme, which will run over five days, will be the promotion of animal health and welfare as a means of progressing towards a more sustainable agriculture. With particular emphasis on herd health as a means of achieving that goal, our desire is to be consistent and deliver on the major themes of bovine medicine and surgery such as infectious disease, nutrition, husbandry and sustainable production systems.

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Programme Topics

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

Abortion/Stillbirth Investigation – John Mee
Animal Health Economics – Henk Hogeveen
Anti-Microbial Resistance – Theo J.G.M. Lam
Beef Herd Reproduction – Michael McGowan
Bovine Welfare – Dan Weary
BVD – Julia Ridpath
Complementary Veterinary Medicine – Hubert Karreman
Dairy Herd Reproduction – Tom Brownlie
Dairy Reproduction – the future – Mark Crowe
Diagnostic Imaging – Johann Kofler
Education – Peter Constable
Emerging diseases – Simon Carpenter
Epidemiology and surveillance – Simon More
Genetics and Breeding – Jennie Pryce
Herd Health Management: Beef – George Caldow
Herd Health Management: Dairy – Emile Bouchard
Immunology – Stuart Carter
Internal Medicine – Peter Constable
Lameness – Nigel Cook
Mastitis Control Programmes – Pamela Ruegg
Metabolic Disorders – Jesse Goff
National Animal Health Programs – David Graham
Nutrition – John Roche
Parasitology – Johannes Charlier
Paratuberculosis – Michael Collins
Public Health – Patrick Wall
Small ruminants – Neil Sargison
Surgery – David Anderson
Sustainable Agriculture – Jude Capper
Therapeutics & Pharmacology – Virginia Fajt
Tuberculosis – Margaret Good
Udder Health – Martin Green
Young Stock – Ingrid Lorenz