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Prof. Dan Weary

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Professor, The University of British Columbia


Dan Weary is a Professor at The University of British Columbia. In 1997 Dan co-founded UBC’s Animal Welfare Program and co-directs this active research group. Before coming to UBC he worked as a Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Ottawa. Dan did a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biology at McGill University, his doctorate in Zoology at Oxford University and was a post-doctoral fellow at Queen’s and Concordia Universities. Dan’s research focuses on developing behavioral measures for the objective assessment of animal welfare and developing practical methods of improving the welfare of animals.

Dan’s work on dairy cattle focuses on the housing and management of dairy calves and cows. His work has helped lead to the changes in feeding practices (including the adoption of higher milk rations) and housing methods (including the adoption of pair and small group rearing for pre-weaned calves). Work on cows has focused on improved comfort (especially in stall design and management), and how thee changes can benefit cow health (especially lameness). Dan’s experimental work is based at the UBC’s state-of-the-art Dairy Education and Research Centre, located in the heart of the BC dairy industry in Agassiz, BC. Much of Dan’s recent work also takes place on commercial farms, helping to ground results in commercial practice, and acting as a direct conduit for knowledge sharing between researchers and innovative dairy producers.

Dan has authored 100’s of publications and is a frequent speaker for dairy and professional audiences.

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