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July 3rd - 8th 2016 Dublin, Ireland

Prof. Jesse Goff DVM, PhD

Goff jess

Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine Iowa State University Ames, IA, USA


I have a 70% research 25% teaching and 5% extension service appointment.  I teach first year students Clinical Veterinary Nutrition, focused on general aspects and the dog, cat and horse.  I teach Digestive Physiology to veterinary students as well and help team teach dairy nutrition and production medicine to 4th year veterinary students.  I also teach portions of the graduate physiology courses. 

My research has focused on the metabolic diseases that occur in the transition dairy cow.  We have focused on the role of hypocalcemia on immune function and predisposition to other metabolic disease.  I also have some interest and experience with mastitis and metritis research in cows – again focused mostly on immunology of the cow.

I believe our work has helped demonstrate that metabolic alkalosis is the major cause of milk fever in cows and we also developed practical methods to acidify cows utilizing anion supplements.  We have also demonstrated that cows developing retained placenta and metritis are immune suppressed more than normal herdmates prior to the development of these diseases.

I have a small farm in Iowa that is helping raise alfalfa and 4 kids.

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