World Buiatrics Congress 2016 (WBC 2016) Contact WBC 2016
The World’s Premier Cattle Health Congress
July 3rd - 8th 2016 Dublin, Ireland

New mobile technology bringing information from farm, practice and external sources into automated animal records. Equips vets to gather data on farm, providing a cutting edge service to modern farmers.

Molloy Veterinary an Irish, family owned company supplying Irish veterinary practices with high quality affordable veterinary consumables, disposables and instruments.


The company stocks and distributes more than 5000 product lines for some of the world’s leading veterinary companies: Kruuse, B.D. etc.

Agrimin Limited is a privately owned UK company that specialises in the research, development, manufacture, distribution and marketing of technically advanced controlled and sustained release intra-ruminal boluses for cattle and sheep.

VRM are specialists in research management with proven expertise to accelerate your development project to regulatory approval. VRM has direct access to world-class study facilities in the N and S hemispheres, experienced regulatory consultancy, an expert team of interdisciplinary scientists and specialist parasitology expertise. For more information, see our website.

Incorporated in 2002, Sanctuary Health Sdn Bhd is located in Malaysia which is famed for quality latex. We produce quality latex hoof covers, dental dams and exercise bands.

EKOMILK provides real-time animal health and milk quality data on a Cloud-based sharing platform for mastitis control and cattle health monitoring.


The new “Ekomilk Horizon” will be unveiled at WBC in Dublin: “Ekomilk Horizon” means automated somatic cell count (SCC) at 0.02€/test, 45s avg/test, with Cloud connection and with a mastitis monitor app, besides optional modules for measurement of fat content, protein content, total solids, density, added water, freezing point, pH / temperature and conductivity.


EKOMILK milk analysis instruments have over 100 000 happy users in 65 countries for 20 years.

Vetericyn® products are the next generation in Animal health care. Vetericyn®  products are cost effective and safe for all life stages which makes caring for your livestock that much easier.

RAFT and Fera Science Ltd announce their new Environmental Assessment service for product registrations and market extension. Their stand will also support the Centre of Innovation Excellence in Livestock, CIEL.

Animax is a pioneering British company specialising in the research, development and manufacture of animal health products. In addition to our well-known Tracesure® range of leaching boluses, other leading brands are Copasure®, Copinox® and Easycal® as well as a whole range of other popular and well respected animal health products.

Bovicom, founded 3 years ago, is an IT-enabler for agricultural businesses. With MmmooOgle, Bovicom has created a platform to leverage the power of Big Data in the dairy industry.