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The World’s Premier Cattle Health Congress
July 3rd - 8th 2016 Dublin, Ireland


The currency used in Ireland is the euro (€) (Northern Ireland’s currency is the pound sterling (£). Visa and Mastercard are accepted almost everywhere, however, an American Express card is not as widely accepted. There are various ATM’s and internationally recognised banks throughout the city and city centre.

Note: Traveller’s Cheques are not widely used and most banks won’t accept them.



Although the weather in Ireland throughout the summer is beautiful and generally quite mild, it is always advisable to be prepared for rain. Dress in layers, have an umbrella at the ready, and of course, keep something waterproof handy just in case.



Irish plugs are three-pronged and the electricity supply is 230v 50hz – the same as in Britain. We recommend that you bring a couple of adapters for your various gadgets if you are travelling from outside of Ireland.